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Horizon Laminates Ltd was conceived in 1990 and has grown to become the only counter top company of its kind in eastern Canada. How so?


First, we are the largest manufacturer of post formed laminate counter tops east of Montreal and the only in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. With the support of our dealer network province wide and into the Maritimes, we have grown our operation from 6 to 17 full time employees with a modern production line and outstanding information technology. We have produced millions of feet of the latest style laminate counter tops available and we do it all with safe production and environmentally friendly, water based adhesives. All of our post forming raw product (glue, laminate and board) are manufactured in North America with 95% coming from Canada.


Secondly, in 2011, we started a new venture that now sees custom cut quartz and granite counter tops fabricated in Newfoundland and Labrador with unheard of quality and turn around times. Gone are the days of waiting 1-3 months for your stone counter tops. Again, technology is paramount as we have installed the only CNC (computerized numerical control) stone machine in the province with expert operation. Coupled with a large selection of stones from all over the world and Hanstone Quartz that is also manufactured in Canada, we have quickly grown this addition into the best stone fabrication in the province.


This modern post form laminate operation combined with state of the art stone fabrication is unique to Horizon in the fact that we offer both of the most sought after counter top surfaces totally manufactured in our building in Mount Pearl Newfoundland and Labrador. It is also good to know that we are a Canadian manufacturer that uses Canadian products (laminates, adhesives, particle board, and quartz) almost totally with some laminates coming from our friends in the US. There are very few post formers or stone fabricators across North America that can say that.


None of this happened over night.  The company was started by Grandfather Harvey J. Short and my Father Harvey D. Short at a time when the products we currently manufacture were almost always brought in from other parts of the country. Always being hard working, resourceful, and innovative people throughout their working lives, the need for a counter top plant was realized in the late 80’s. Sound fiscal management in a slower, smaller market and continuous investment in better times allowed the company to grow to what it is today. Harvey J often tells the story of the dream he had one night in about 1985 and how at one point in our recent history, Horizon turned out just like he had visioned. He still drops in a few times a week only now he says “I never dreamed it would go this far”. To say the least, I am proud of where we came from, what we have done together, and where we are going.


Thank you for visiting the web site of Horizon Laminates Ltd. Please take some time to peruse the many products we offer and you will quickly see that our facility is world class and when it comes to counter tops, we are by far your best choice.




Harvey E. Short



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